FREE Fundraising are fundraisers that STEM Launch PTO receives funds for without the labor extensive and time intensive fundraising activities!!  What better way to earn more money for the school than to use these simple initiatives?  It is simple and easy....



King Soopers Cards:
When you shop for groceries or gas at King Soopers, please consider purchasing a reloadable King Soopers gift card from the STEM Launch PTO! King Soopers will generously give STEM Launch 5% back on every purchase you make. And 5% adds up fast! If we can get 100 families to reload $200 every month, STEM Launch will get a check for $1,000 each month.

How the Program Works:
  1. Purchase a $5 King Soopers Gift Card from the STEM Launch PTO by completing this form or contacting the PTO/King Soopers liaison directly (contact information is below).
  2. At the register, PRIOR to checkout, ask the cashier to reload (add value to) your card with your desired amount before you scan your groceries. Then after your items are scanned, pay with the preloaded gift card and earn rewards for our school!
  3. Use it over and over, and STEM Launch receives 5% on all of your purchases!
Other Information About the Program:
  • The original gift card must be purchased through the STEM Launch PTO.
  • You can reload your card an unlimited amount of times with any amount (up to $500 at a time).
  • The program is not limited to your family – if you know of grandparents, aunts & uncles, neighbors, family friends or other STEM Launch supporters, we invite them to join the program too!
  • Additional information is available on the FAQ sheet here

NOTE: The card is equivalent to cash.  If the card is lost or stolen it cannot be replaced.  

Year to date we have earned roughly $1,550!! Upcoming reload dates are as follows March sure to reload your King Soopers card by this date so we can hit the monthly $5,000 in reloads!


Questions, please contact Terri Dahl,

Happy Shopping!



Box Tops:

Grocery shopping is a frequent occurence and these trips deliver items that can be turned into easy cash for our school.  Look for the Box Top logo on hundreds of products located in virtually every aisle in the store. All you need to do is clip and send these to your students teacher - every one is worth 10 cents for the school!!

We are mailed 2 checks every school year, so we have 2 submission deadlines for sending your Box Tops to school. The first round of Box Top collections from classrooms will be October 26th, 2018 so that we can submit by the November 1st deadline. The second round of Box Top collections will be sometime in February for the March 1st deadline!

PLEASE save your box tops and turn them into your child's teacher or the main office of the school!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Box Tops coordinator, Seanaci Lewis,

For more information about Box Tops please click here

Milk Caps for Moola
MILK CAPS for MOOLA is a program sponsored by the Longmont Dairly that helps students earn money for their school and students.  Longmont Dairy milk caps are worth $.05 each and are redeemable for cash by participating schools only. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

How does it work?
1. Drink Longmont Dairy milk (eligible cap products can include: Milk, Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Milk, Half & Half, Whipping Cream, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonae, Classic and Cinnamon Eggnog).

2. Save the bottle caps. Save as many as you can-from yoru bottles, or collect them from your family and neighbors.

3.  Send your milk caps to the school.

For more information visit Longmont Dairy